2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro 4X

We absolutely killed it with this one! 2017 Nissan Titan XD Pro 4X, one off build, first of its kind. When I say we set the standard in custom automotive, I don’t say it lightly. Everything on this Yellow Monster is one off! We had the first set of full coverage Fab Four’s Premium front and rear matching bumpers, we took those a step further by Kevlar coating them, to make them even more durable then they already were, and added a Smittybuilt remote control winch. We then custom two-toned the side rockers of the XD itself to match the super aggressive bumpers. Had to keep with the Fab Four’s theme and install the custom roof rack, with dual LEDs all the way around.

Next was the wheels, tires and suspension. We had to clear those huge Dakar MT 37x13.50x26 inch tires, & Tuff AT 26″s, so we went with the biggest lift that Calimini makes! We couldn’t just leave it alone so we paint matched the entire lift and wheels to match the Tri-stage Yellow Kandy on the Titan XD. To aid in climbing in this Monster, we fabricated our own mounts and harnesses, to adapt the very first set of Amp Research power steps to this unique truck. Lighting was up next. We filled every location and used enough ridged LEDs all over this Yellow Monster to put the Sun to shame. We then added the T-Rex front grills and light insert, with our own custom built functional side vents with fully functioning turn signal switchbacks that radiate bright white then amber orange from the vents.

Finally we finished off the bed with a Retrax remote control power bed cover, to secure the truck bed at all times. Of course we couldn’t leave the inside alone, so we custom wrapped the pillars in matching leather and accented them with the same stitching as the plush black leather seats, the final touch was the black custom sewn suede headliner, that took the interior over the top…To say the least, this is the Biggest, Baddest Nissan XD on the road today. Nobody comes close to the work we do, it’s all in house, & couldn’t be done without our entire team. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork, as you see proof of it here!